Trap, Neuter, and Return

The practice of Trap Neuter Return is the kindest and most humane way to address the over population of free roaming cats in the community. PAWSitively CATS supports this practice. We hope to become a leader in the community by offering education and support to residents and management companies to help them stop the breeding cycles of free roaming cats in their area. PAWSitively CATS needs donations to pay for traps, educational materials and spay and neuter surgeries. We need volunteers with experience doing TNR. Tucson's cats need you to get involved - save lives by preventing births.

We support Trap Neuter and Return as a solution to the free roaming cat problem in Pima County. We offer a trap loan program to the public and provide advice to those who are willing to help with feral cat colonies and reduce populations of unwanted animals. Traps are available for a $50 deposit per trap at our shelter located at 1145 N Woodland Ave. Staff is available for trap loan between 9am and 2pm daily.

Alley Cat Allies is another great source of information on Trap Neuter Return. Click HERE to read reasons for doing TNR, and HERE to read more about feral cats.