One special mission for PAWSitively Cats is to promote the practice of Trap, Neuter and Return. We offer educational resources and helpful information to people wanting to help reduce the number of cats and kittens being euthanized daily at the local animal control and Humane Society.

PAWSitively Cats has developed a "how to be a responsible pet owner" program for middle school students.

We are very grateful to teacher Lori Hill for creating an educational unit on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spay/neuter in reducing unwanted animal populations. After our Director, Sheryl Campbell, visited the middle school students and spoke to them, the survey results below were obtained. Click HERE to see essays and electronic posters created by the students . Great job Lori and Sheryl for educating young people!

Out of 49 students these were the results of the post-presentation survey:

Did you spay or neuter your pet? 17 students replied “yes”

How many pets? 27 pets were spayed or neutered

Did you bring in your cat or dog in from outside? 26 students replied “yes

How many pets did you bring in? 49 pets were brought in from outside

Several other students said they installed heaters, or provided beds and blankets, or created a shelter for them to stay in

Did you find and take in a stray cat or dog? 9 students replied “yes”

How many strays did you take in? 8 strays were taken in

Did you take your pet in to get vaccines? 18 replied “yes”

How many pets did you take in? 51 animals received their shots

Did you adopt a cat from a shelter? 2 students adopted cats

1 wants to for Christmas

Did you participate in the fundraiser? 46 of the 49 participated in the fundraiser and donated $586 to the shelter

Thank you Lauffer Middle School Students for caring about animals!

We support spay and neuter for all domestic animals.